Creatively Promoting Networking

The transfer of knowledge, exchange of experience and learning from like-minded people are proven methods in the rural development, which have been supported within the framework of LEADER for many years. Many European-wide meetings and conferences were held during the LEADER-Periods between 1991 and 2006 and contributed to a social network development and formal strengthening as well as informal contacts among the LEADER Managers. The European LEADER Network is constantly growing and should ultimately facilitate project co-operation and partnerships in Europe and beyond.

New Ways of Networking

Along with LINC the Austrian initiators and the co-operation partners in Germany, Estonia and Finland want to break new ground with the building up of relationships between the European LEADER areas.

A productive transnational knowledge transfer on the subject of “innovation in rural development” will be combined with joint sport events by the participants. The idea behind it is: networking and exchange of experience do not only happen in seminar rooms and workshops. Common experiences in a relaxing atmosphere and a stimulating environment play a crucial role in building-up relationships between people and organizations. We see these planned sport events within in the scope of LINC as a valuable contribution to the strengthening of the transnational LEADER-relationships. Here is where LINC uses the often quoted “unifying force” of sport!

It is planned to hold this innovative European-wide conference annually in another member state. LINC 2010 took place in Austria, LINC 2011 in Germany. Four LEADER area from Southern Estonia stand for a highly successful premiere, carrying out the first event in Estonia.

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