By air
International air services are provided by Tartu Airport. Tartu has flight connections once a day to Helsinki and to Tallinn. Additional flight information is available at If there is no suitable flight, one can also fly to Tartu via Tallinn or Helsinki. More information about flights is available at,

By bus or train
It is easy to travel to Tartu by bus or train from Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, as well as from our southern neighbour Latvia. Tartu is located 186 kilometres southeast of Tallinn and has a very good bus connection with Tallinn, which is connected by air with many European cities. Buses to Tartu depart from Tallinn Bus Terminal approximately every half hour. The bus ride from Tallinn to Tartu takes around two and a half hours. Tartu bus station is located downtown, not far from conference hotels (2-15 minutes walking distance). Bus information

More information about bus connections between Tartu and Riga is available at and between Lithuenia and Estonia
By ferry
Regular ferry connection is maintained between Tallinn-Helsinki and Tallinn-Stockholm. The harbour and airport are not far from the bus station and participants can get to the bus station or city centre by bus, tram or taxi.

Airport Shuttle
Airport shuttle buses are ready to drive anyone from Tartu Airport to a place you need in the city of Tartu. If booked earlier, the airport shuttle bus will pick you up anywhere in Tartu and take you to the airport. Airport shuttle buses leave Tartu Airport for the city in about 20 minutes after the arrival of a plane, but also wait for anyone who needs a ride to the city. For a fee of 3 EUR, the shuttle bus will drop passengers off at any place in the city of Tartu and the ticket can be bought from the driver either in cash or with a debit/credit card.

In order to book the shuttle bus, call +372 505 4342 or sign up online: at least 12h before the airplane’s departure.

The climate in Tartu is characterized by warm summers and springs with little precipitation. The average temperature in June is 15°C (usually +20 to +22°C daytime). Weather can change from sunshine to rainy. So, bring along suitable clothing and good shoes!

From January 2011 the local currency is Euro. Foreign currencies can be easily exchanged in banks and exchange offices. Most banks are open from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, and some offices are also open on Saturday mornings. There are exchange offices in several hotels, at the airport and many other places. Most CREDIT CARDS (VISA, American Express, Eurocard etc.) are accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants.

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