1. Which expenses do we have to expect?

Travel. First of all you need to budget the travel expenses from your country to Tartu in Estonia. You have the possibility to choose whether you want to come by car, by plane or by ship and bus. You can see the travel options here http://info-linc.eu/est/Estonia_2012/How-to-get-there

Accommodation. Secondly, you need to take the accommodation costs into consideration. The room rate depends on the category you would like to book. Quality is provided by all of them but the level of luxury varies. In the registration form you will be asked to choose a category and we will book the rooms for you. You have the choice between:

Hotel (3+*) – €44
Hotel (3*) – 37€
Hotel (2*) – 30€

The prices are calculated: inclusive of breakfast, inclusive of VAT, per person/night, based on double rooms. Single supplement is € 15 per person/night in 2* hotel or 25€ per person/night in 3* and 3*+ hotels.

You may also choose a De Luxe room for 100–200€ per room/night; in order to do so, please mark the relevant option in the registration form and you will be contacted separately.

NB! The conference ends late on the evening of 14 June 2012. The closing dinner lasts until about 24:00.

Conference fee. The conference fee includes: the opening and closing dinner, the sports day dinner, catering at the European Buffet event, and registration fee (in total 104€ per person)

Participation in the Practical Workshops Day. The last day of the conference will take participants to various destinations in South-Estonia. Upon registration, please choose the first or the second option regarding the location of the Practical Workshop. The second option will be used in the event of extreme need (for instance, if it turns out that the number of participants in the selected study trip is below the minimum level).

After registration, you will be sent a letter of confirmation and the payment details within 10 working days. We will send the final invoice to you in May.

City tour. If you would like to take part in the Tartu City guided tour on 12 June, please send your wish to triinu.akkermanngmail.com . The guided tours start from the Town Hall Square at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Participation fee of 5€ is payable on the spot.

2. Can more than one team from one LAG participate?

Of course it is also possible to send more than one team from a LAG. It is only important that one team consists of 3 persons and, if possible, there should be at least one woman in a team.

3. Is it also possible to come to the conference without participating in the sport disciplines?

Of course it is also possible for people to participate in the conference without taking part in the sports competitions; nevertheless this should be an exception. People who do not participate in the sports competitions do not need to have a team of three people. So they just do not fill in the fields for the sport disciplines in the registration form. Normally they should be able to submit it nonetheless. Furthermore, we would ask them to mention in the field for “additional comments” that they do not want to participate in the sports competitions.

4. What happens if only one or two persons from a LAG can come?

Due to the concept of the sports competitions, 3 people from one LAG should be in one team. We understand that it is impossible for some to send 3 persons from each LAG, and of course, nonetheless, it is also possible for them to participate. If there are 3 persons from 3 different LAGs, they can participate in the conference without any problem. In case of the sports competitions, every incomplete team will be completed by Estonians.

5. What else should be considered in regards to the sports programme?

This time the competitions comprise four sports events, one of them a complex event. Three events will take place simultaneously (orienteering, disc-golf and individual relay competition). Please divide your team members between these three events in the registration form. After the three events, everyone will go down to the lake, where the boat race will be. For that purpose, please indicate in the registration form, which member of your team will also take part in the boat race (i.e. one team member will take part in two sports events).

The equipment and safety gear necessary for the sports competitions is available on the spot. Please dress for sports; you can change in Tartu before the buses leave, or at Mammaste. We recommend that those who take part in the boat race bring a change of dry clothes, just in case.

6. How does the European Buffet work?

The European Buffet will give your country and region a chance to introduce your local cuisine to all the participants of the conference. The European Buffet will take place on the evening of 13 June at the Gunpowder Cellar. In the registration form, please mark 1 to 4 dishes your country intends to bring.

The dishes will be presented at the Gunpowder Cellar: every country will have one table on which your local dishes will be displayed. The Gunpowder Cellar will provide assistance in displaying the dishes. Every country will have the opportunity to give a 1-minute introduction of their cuisine – contact other LAGs in your country and find out what they are planning to bring and how to present it together.

When selecting the dishes, please prefer foods that survive transport and do not go off quickly. We also ask you to select dishes that can be served cold. At your hotel, please hand the dishes over upon check-in. Our organisers will pick the dishes up from the hotels and transport to the Gunpowder Cellar.

7. Information about your LAG region

Like in earlier years, we are collecting information about your LAG region for the printed information brochure. For that purpose, our organisers will contact your team representative who registered the team.

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