South-Estonia/Tartu//12.06. - 14.06.2012

The Event Location

Above all, South-Estonia is renowned for its beautiful nature – deep forests, winding country roads, shimmering blue lakes, and fields on rolling hills. Here you can enjoy untouched primeval nature in national parks and conservation areas, while also taking in the special architectural beauty of local manors, castles, churches and sleepy small towns and villages. Culture in South-Estonia is doubtlessly special! The Russian Old Believers, the Seto and Võru people and, of course, the indigenous Estonians offer various exciting events and possibilities to get to know their way of life.

The blend of historic charm and modern academia in Tartu, Estonia’s university city and old Hanseatic town, makes it the perfect locale for conferences, or any event where a quiet, relaxed milieu is preferred.

Let’s meet in South-Estonia!
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