Summer is the most beloved season in Estonia – during the three summer months, people try to recharge and store as much sunshine as possible for the long winter period. Many of us take a holiday in summer, spending a month either in the country or by the sea.
The period from the end of May to the middle of July is a magical time in Estonia – with long days and practically no dark nights. Can you imagine walking in the streets at night without needing streetlights to be on?
Around the summer solstice, Estonians celebrate Midsummer. It is the only time in the year when Dawn and Dusk meet. Entire villages come together, the youth and the elderly, plus relatives and friends from the city. After a proper sauna, people light large Midsummer fires, eat and drink merrily and, of course, go looking for fern blossoms. Midsummer’s Eve celebrations include trials of strength and skill: jumping over the fire, climbing through a horse bow, and arm wrestling. Estonian white nights are filled with magic and mystery!
Our sports programme this year includes Estonians’ beloved and traditional sports. We hope you will enjoy them!

NB! One of your team members will participate in two fields, and the rest in one. Divide the first three fields between three participants and then decide who will also participate in the boating competition.

There are facilities for changing clothes at Mammaste. Participants in the boating race are asked to dress in clothes they do not mind getting wet.

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