LINC Theoretical Workshops will take place in five thematic work groups. Every participant can take part in two groups that he or she likes the most. At every Theoretical Workshop, the introduction includes an overview of two Estonian LEADER projects, followed by group work, where everyone can have a say. The LINC theme in Estonia is involvement and voluntary work and all the workshop themes are related to these topics.

Theoretical Workshop: Local food. Local food and food related traditions are a national wealth, which has to be preserved. The wealth of every region includes food culture, which is attractive for both local people and visitors. Another, equally important aspect is local food producers who create jobs in the region. In Estonia, the LEADER programme has initiated and supported various local food projects – two of those will be introduced in the workshop.

Theoretical Workshop: Youth and seniors. The development of a rural area requires the presence of people of all ages, as well as a sufficient number of jobs and recreational possibilities. Relationships and cooperation between different generations are very important. The more there are activities and events, which offer contribution and participation possibilities for young people and the elderly, the better. The workshop includes examples of Estonian LEADER projects and everyone can take part in discussions.

Theoretical Workshop: Rural tourism. Rural areas offer possibilities to enjoy nature, forests, landscapes, rivers and lakes, contact with wild and domestic animals. Travelling is becoming increasingly popular and in addition to renowned tourism destinations people are looking for and are able to appreciate simple nature, both at home and abroad. Interest towards rural tourism possibilities has increased both among local and foreign tourists. In Estonia, the LEADER programme has supported the development of individual rural tourism objects as well as the preparation of tourism concepts for entire regions.

Theoretical Workshop: Community services. Compared to rural areas, cities and large settlements offer better possibilities of using various services and finding suitable goods and entertainment opportunities etc. The question here is how to make life in rural areas more diverse and how to use village halls as a place for providing services and holding cultural or sports events and gatherings. The workshop includes the introduction of Estonian LEADER projects and discussions about the possibilities of developing community services in rural areas.

Theoretical Workshop: Local resources and energy. Finding and using renewable energy possibilities is an extremely important issue today, as the sustainability of future generations depends on it. The use of local resources is also important, because even reduced transport needs help protect the environment. Our world will remain more diverse, if we increase the use of various local resources and preserve the related skills. In Estonia, the LEADER programme has supported projects focussed on renewable energy and construction based on local materials and traditions. The workshop includes the introduction of Estonian LEADER projects and discussion about the possibilities of developing this area.

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