Võrumaa is an area where one can be alone with nature. The local nature here is amazingly diverse and primeval – when travelling here you can find places that seem previously undiscovered by people.
Towards the south, Võrumaa rises almost as high as the clouds. The highest peak of the Baltic region – the Great Egg Hill – offers a refreshing view of the forest-covered “hilly Estonia” with its steep valleys and deep clear lakes. Since ancient times, hard-working nature, wisdom, handicraft skills, sense of humour, love of music and singing has helped local people to live in this hilly region.

Our Practical Workshop includes a visit to Tsolgo, in the Lasva area, where we will visit a village hall built with support from the LEADER programme. We will do community work around the village hall, eat a lunch made from local raw material and enjoy a cultural programme.

The bus route is approximately 140 km long.
Fee 55€ per participant.
The trip is organised by a non-profit association Tsolgo Arendusühing and the Võrumaa Partnership Assembly
See video about Võrumaa:

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