The "Stielbob" is a sport sledge with “style” for everyone. Because of its simple structure it is easy for beginners and the inexperienced to control and this is exactly what makes it so much fun.


This fun device was invented in the 1970’s. The amount of enthusiastic supporters has continued to increase and in the meanwhile State Championships and World Series have taken place.

"Stielbob" - The Race Machine


This unmotorized sport device, mostly made out of a plastic casting, which one can ride by sitting on snow, sand, water etc. The basic elements of a "Stielbob" are:

  • the seat surface, which is only few centimetres above ground
  • the rest for your thighs, which is affixed in front of the seat surface and supports your thighs when riding.
  • the handle, which is positioned in the centre of the thigh-rest, juts easily forward like a shaft.
  • the bottom surface, which has grooves or ribs to increase the track constancy, is usually made out of the same material as the rest of the Bob.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Helmet (will be lent to the participants at the start)
  • Ski suit (ski pants)
  • Sturdy boots
  • Gloves
  • Ski goggles (if necessary every participant will get them at the start)
  • "Stielbobs" will be made available

"Stielbob" Race – The Race


At the "Stielbob" race the participants will try to cross the finish line as fast as possible on the set racing course.

The course will be laid out by experts at different altitudes depending upon the snow conditions.


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Logo Info-Linc allgemein