Ice-Stock Shooting
Ice stock shooting is a sport with long tradition and is mainly found in the rural Alpine areas. This sport takes place with a sliding ice stock on ice or other surfaces, such as tarmac or a synthetic material. Ice stock sport is an old folk sport and historically seen as a tradition.

Nowadays, Ice stock shooting is a leisure and/or a competitive sport, which is shaped by rules and associations. This precision sport is played all year round and is distinguished between teams, distances and goal competition.

There is a certain similarity to Curling; however the ice stock differs from the curling-stone in weight and the kind of running surface

The Ice stock shooting technique is easy to learn. Participants, who are beginners in this sport, will get a short introduction within the framework of LINC.

Recommended equipment:

  • Sturdy winter shoes with rubber soles
  • Ice stocks will be made available

Plate Shooting


When Plate shooting with ice stocks a plate bar is set up across the target line. 19 moveable plates marked with points hang from this bar. They are attached to the bar at a level that the stock handle can come in contact with them.

The plate numbers are from left to right:

"9", "2" ,"8" ,"3" ,"7" ,"4" ,"6" ,"5" ,"1" ,"10" ,"1" ,"5" ,"6" ,"4" ,"7", "3", "8", "2", "9"
The plate with the number 10 hangs directly over the target cross. There is a gap between the plates where the handle of a stock fits through without touching any of the plates. The goal of the game is to shoot the stock from the playing line across the target line and try and hit the plate (which flips around when touched by the stock handle) with the highest number possible. Optimally one wants to hit the ten-plate in the centre. By only trying for this there is the danger of either only hitting the neighbouring one-plates or not hitting any plates at all (zero points).

Plate shooting is played with 10 rounds per player, whereby a maximum of 100 points per player is reachable.

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