Competition Rules


The official name of the competition is “LINC”


Only Leader Regions can participate. Participation is reserved for the employees, board members and agents from the Leader Regions. The participants can not be professional athletes in the discipline that they register for.


The teams consist of three people. Each person can only participate in one single competition. Every organisation can register several teams. It is necessary to differentiate between the genders for classifications. Each team should have at least one woman.


The individual competitions are:

- Snow Shoe Race (1km)

- Ice stock shooting (target shooting, individual competition)

- Giant Slalom with an altitude difference between 200 and 500 meters and at least 600 meters in length, non-stop in one or two stages.

- "Stielbob" Race (altitude difference, length, cross-competition)


There are ranking lists provided for every competition, which serve as the bases for the scoring of the team competition. The sum of these points will be used to determine the final ranking. If two teams have the same amount of points they will be ranked according to the best times. (Snow Shoe Race, Giant Slalom Race, "Stielbob" Race).

The point distribution for each competition reads:

1st place 100 points

2nd place 95 points

3rd place 90 points

4th place 85 points

5th place 80 points

6th place 75 points

7th place 70 points

8th place 65 points

9th place 60 points

10th place 55 points

11th place 50 points

from 12th to 21st place each gets 2 points less than the preceding place

from 22nd to 50th place each gets point less than the preceding place

from 51st to last place 1 point

Sharing of the points with the same score:

The classification of the following competitors corresponds to the number of the preceding competitor with the same score +1. Example: 2 competitors, who both take first place, each receive 100 points. The following competitor receives 3rd place with 90 points.


Special Rules for the Giant Slalom

If a gate is forgotten or missed, one must re-ascend; otherwise the competitor is placed in last place. If several competitors miss gates, the time criterion decides the order of the last places.

Wearing a helmet can be made mandatory by the organizer and is applicable depending on national legislation.


Registration takes place per three-headed team, one person per competition. Competitors cannot participate in more than one event.


Furthermore, the possibility remains to eliminate teams if more than 150 teams register. The possible elimination takes place by drawing teams “2” and “3” from Leader Regions, which registered more than one team. The organisers are not responsible before, during or after the competition for any possible accidents or material damages.

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